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Brauchla Clinic specializes in chiropractic and functional medicine. We are a family oriented, high-tech facility with six treatment rooms, a complete X-ray/exam suite with technology to measure muscle imbalance and nerve interference.


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We focus on chiropractic and functional medicine. Our services include:


Techniques include Activator, ArtrhoStim, Logan Basic and Impulse

Functional Medicine

Feature diagnostics include Heart Health, Food and Inhalant Sensitivity, Sleep & Stress (Adrenal), Organic Gut, Men's Health, Women's Health and DNA
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Brain Health

Learning Disabilities, Memory problems, Anxiety, Ballance issues, Reading speed and comprehension, Fine movements, Speech problems
What Does Zing Do? Zing Performance for Sports Developing The Cerebellum Why is reading hard work? Why have I got ADD or ADHD? Introduction To The Science Used By Zing Performance

Spinal Exams / X-Rays

We use up-to-date technology equipment, such as MyoVision to evaluate your nervous system and to look for spinal bones that are misaligned

Nutritional Supplementation

Since your body needs all the basic building blocks for you to be able to heal and function correctly we help you with proper nutrition.

Nutrition & Supplements

You can order supplements from the confort of your own home by visiting Vitalleohealth.com


The following are just a few of our patients that were pleased with our services.


Dr. Clint Brauchla and Dr. Kelly Brauchla both received their Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree and is licensed to practice acupuncture and chiropractic in Indiana. Below is our team that is here to help you!


Dr. Clint Brauchla, D.C.

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Dr. Kelly Brauchla, D.C.

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Anna Bush

Chiropractic Assistant
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Kyla Croucher

Chiropractic Assistant
Learn more about Kyla.

Myra Tillery

Chiropractic Assistant
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Immune Super Talk

In case you missed our talks you can view them now.

Taking Back Control of Your Immune System

Health Certificates

New patients can download or print health certificates to recieve discounts on thier first visit. Present health certificate at time of service.

Chiropractic Health Certificate

Consultation, Exams, X-Rays (if needed) and Inflammation & Vitamin D Testing


Valued at $537

Brain Health Certificate

Consultation, Eye Tracking Assessment, Cognitive assessment


Valued at $159

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